What is Peace?

We all want to be at peace at the end of our lives. To fall asleep and die in peace. What if we could feel that peace right now?

So the thought occurred to me why I am so sad of Jimmy’s death – I was in the car, Eduardo was driving that day we were speeding through Rosario to get him and Adrianne to the ferry. But deep down, I was hoping we wouldn’t make it. We would be “stuck” with them for even more time and that is when you know that you left the person in good spirit.

We all want to leave in love. This is the main goal of relationship whether it be with yourself or your best mate. There are no regrets when you leave in love, a hug a kiss and a kind word.

Above is a sentence that I italicized. I’m so scared, what is the rest of the time going to be? When taken out of context, because I was writing which felt like running which always feels like falling, I think a lot of people live this way. Scared of what the rest of the time is going to be. What if you were excited instead of scared? It would feel a lot better and doubt a lot less.