Brian Shaheen, director of The Rendez-Vous Orchestra, is a multi-talented musician currently living in New York City. He is a conductor, composer, arranger and songwriter.

As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, he has written classical music, film music, songs, chamber music, a song cycle for chorus, released two E.P.’s, and conducted student and adult orchestras. He plays the piano, violin, and viola. He also has sung in many different choruses in and around New York City, both as a soloist and tenor ensemble member. He has performed in the Stonewall Chorale under Cynthia Nixon, the Oratorio Society of New York under Kent Tritle, and an A Cappella group, The Art Mob, with Brent Frederick.

“A large portion of my education as a musician was making up the music as I went along, in all my instruments. I would study with a teacher for a year or so, and then spend time playing on my own terms, improvising a lot with bands and at home. So I began formulating an ‘Improvisation Concerto’ very early on in college, where the score is set and the musicians can embellish if they choose, and the soloist improvises the entire piece. Like a cadenza but for the whole piece.”

Brian’s concept of The Rendez-Vous Orchestra brings his leadership to a point with his love for other ‘non-professional’ musicians who are looking for a place to perform. “I wanted to create an orchestra that was very fun and personable, where we could invite other artists to perform and showcase their skills in an improvisation-centered orchestral jam band kind of way”.

Mr. Shaheen has dedicated many of his works to groups and schools that have helped him as a musician and to people who have influenced him throughout the years.


Shaheen’s Rendez-Vous Orchestra will be having a concert on Saturday, March 14th! 

Featuring all original music by Brian Shaheen, with soloists, Kate Shepherd, Aani, and Taylor White.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m., show starts at 8:00 p.m.

120 West 69th Street

$20 at the door