If we wait for our parents or our partner to change, it may take a very long time. If we wait for the other person to change, we may spend all our time waiting. So it’s better that you change yourself. Don’t try to force the other person to change. Even if it takes a long time, you will feel better when you are master of yourself and you are doing your best.

The Art of Communicating

I’m spending so much time trying to figure out what my life purpose is.

What if my purpose was living my best life?

To live a purposeful life I would only need to focus on one thing. Love- and from love springs truth and joy.

If I’m in a bad place and I focus on what I’m thankful for, that is a loving thought which always brings me back to reality.

When I speak to people and only say words of kindness and love, there is no wrong.

When I let others go before me, and allow myself to let go of my worries, I am released of all pain and anger.

My life is my own choosing. I chose joy, truth and love.

I’m sitting in the Chelsea Restaurant on the southeast side of 23rd and Ninth. This is where my father’s cousin Raja and I used to meet. I called her Auntie Raj-Raj. Now my celestial guide. She was a crystal vision. A reiki master. A healer. A truth seeker.

Now I’m in a restaurant several years after she passed on. The sweet and low is still on the table (There was someone in the bathroom and as I walked out back to the table surprising her she quickly stuffed several pink packets in the purse).

The green ivy plants are still hanging from the ceiling lining all the windows, one over each table like natural chandeliers (I grabbed the leaf from tapping my hair and put it in my pocket it is still growing to this day after many leafy haircuts).

The host still has a Greek accent though he’s not the same man. The busses pass by both walls of windows and vain women and men check their reflections out pursing lips and brushing bangs (she would smile at my incessant energy and youth as, like any child, I would take our time for granted).

I would grab the check, she would refuse, I would insist and throw her into a cab.

Sometimes we took a bus cross town and she would pucker and twitch at people who had no common sense. There were several.

One Reuben sandwich and a coffee with milk and sugar. What is it about mother figures and pastrami?

I am performing with the New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra

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Friday, April 5th, 2019, 8pm
Symphony Space
2537 Broadway at 95 Street

Conductor: Jane H. Kim
Soloist: So Jin Kim, Violin

Weber Overture to Oberon
Dvorak Violin Concerto in A minor, Op. 53
Schumann Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 97 (Rhenish)