Brian Shaheen

Brian Shaheen, born in New Jersey and currently living in New York City, is a powerful musical artist with a varied catalog of recordings that ranges from moody and dramatic to light-hearted and playful. He has performed and toured with several bands in different capacities—as a back-up singer, bass player, violinist—and is now making a name for himself  drawing from an assortment of inspiration, Brian writes lyrics, music, and poems every day, constantly producing new material.   

Brian’s formal music background fuels his creative and precise approach to writing songs and making music. He attended Berklee College of Music prior to moving to New York and remains an active singer in many classical settings, including The Oratorio Society of New York and The Stonewall Chorale. He is also a classical composer and arranger, writing for a variety of instrumental ensembles. This serves to expand Brian’s palate beyond what is usually available to popular musicians.   

Ranging from intense rock to soft lyric falsetto, Brian's songs are vocally charged with dark undertones. While his music is deliberate and intelligently structured, it is the raw and palpable emotion of Brian's voice that immediately cuts through a room and remains on listeners' minds long after the final note.